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Your Local Solution for Junk Removal and Hauling Services in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Junk Removal Services

Specializing in: House Cleanouts, Appliance Removal, and Furniture Removal Services.

We eliminate debris from your property in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Professional Services

If you need junk removal in Indianapolis, Indiana, you may look for the local area's most affordable, highest-rated junk haulers. Indianapolis Junk Removal Raptors prides itself on our customer service and ability to offer affordable rates for getting rid of junk. You may need some debris carried away from your home or business, and we exist as a service that offers Junk Removal in Indianapolis, Indiana, so our clients can spend their time on more important things.

Clutter and unwanted debris can cause stress; in most cases, trash isn't easy to eliminate. You need to transport the waste and be familiar with your local landfills. It's also necessary to have the capability to perform physical labor and be willing to risk injury or property damage. Transfer stations, recycling yards, and landfills are not friendly places to those that are not familiar.


Junk Removal In Indianapolis

Conveniently Located Near You

A leading Debris Removal Service, Indianapolis Junk Removal Raptors, handles the entire removal process for you! We provide dump trailers, dumpsters, physical labor, take care of fuel costs, handle disposal fees, and more. Our environmentally friendly business prides itself on keeping junk out of your local transfer stations and landfills. We recycle electronics, metal, cardboard, paper material, and more. Another plus to using our debris removal service is donating items to charities whenever possible.

Call us today and let Indianapolis Junk Removal Raptors help clear clutter and remove junk and trash from your personal space.  Let us help you improve your property today!


Residential Services

    • House Cleanouts
    • Yard Waste Pickups
    • Hoarding Cleanups
    • Garage Cleanouts

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Additional Services

Residential junk removal is needed when unwanted junk has taken over your living space.  Our residential services can help you with any project requiring labor, hauling, or more.  

applaince pickup

Commercial Services

  • Office Furniture Removal
  • Warehouse Cleanouts
  • Dumpster Overflow Cleanups
  • Storage Unit Cleanouts 

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Additional Services

We remove rubbish from commercial properties in Indianapolis. Our company offers some of the most affordable rates for junk removal in Indianapolis, IN.  We provide warehouse cleanouts, office decluttering services, and more.  

curbside junk removal

Realtors & Managers

  • Tenant Turnovers
  • Estate Sale Cleanouts
  • Junk Removal For Senior Living
  • Eviction Cleanouts

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Additional Services

We work with property managers and realtors because they often need assistance clearing junk from homes and offices. Our reliable, trustworthy teams are ready to remove numerous categories of waste.


How It Works

1. Set An On-site Appointment For A Quote.

Call or text us to set a free, no-obligation estimate.

2. Our Process.

We schedule our junk removal services in a 2-hour time block and always call with an E.T.A. 30-45 minutes before arrival. In most cases, we will be ready to complete the work right then and there if pricing is accepted!

3. Point & We Do The Rest!

Once we arrive for your on-site junk removal estimate, we will have our clients show us all the junk and debris that needs removed.

We can start the removal process immediately if you accept the price. Just point, and we will eliminate any clutter you need to eliminate!

Our Indianapolis junk removal crews are trained to load debris properly, clear basements of clutter, pick up junk from the curb, and haul junk from the backyard. We handle everything through our all-inclusive services, including loading, transportation, and disposal.


Junk Removal And Hauling Services

Is your home in Indianapolis starting to feel cluttered and messy due to accumulating items? You may feel like no matter how much you clean; your property is messy because there is so much clutter. However, sometimes the best way to feel like you're getting a fresh start is by clearing your home of unnecessary items and random stuff.

The professionals at Indianapolis Junk Removal Raptors can assist you in reorganizing your home by removing things you no longer need.  Reclaiming your space and removing clutter with the help of a junk removal and cleanout service is the first step in organizing any living quarters.

Cleanout Services

Indianapolis Junk Removal Raptors offers reliable work at a fair-to-market value, especially for larger projects like estate, office, house, garage, or hoarding cleanup services. We take pride in transparent pricing, so you will never have to worry about hidden charges when you choose us to help clear junk from any property. When you need a team of professionals experienced in removing large amounts of bulk junk from residential or commercial properties, we promise to give you the highest quality service possible.

Our services include:

Contact us today to discover more concerning our Cleanout Services in Indianapolis. We look forward to helping you eliminate any headaches that come from having too much junk!

What Sets Us Apart?

One thing that sets Indianapolis Junk Removal Raptors apart from the other local companies that offer junk removal in Indianapolis, Indiana, is that we guarantee you an incredible junk removal experience.  Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we have focused on client services from day one as a large part of our company vision.  We must leave every one of our clients feeling like they acquired great value.  We genuinely think you can't go wrong with Indianapolis Junk Removal Raptors.  Learn more about our junk removal company by checking us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Areas We Serve


Text A Photo For A Quote

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Text Us A Photo Of The Junk

Take a few pictures of the junk you need removed and text them to (317) 691-5574.

Once we review the junk you need to be removed, we will respond with our Indianapolis junk removal prices.

We offer curbside junk removal services and accept contactless forms of payment to help combat COVID-19.

Best Indianapolis Junk Removal Near Me

Need a local service to haul your junk away?  Our proven company model makes the Indianapolis junk removal process simple, automated, and affordable. Great pricing, reliability, quality workmanship, and confidence are some of the virtues we aim to exabit here at Indianapolis Junk Removal Raptors. 

We treasure the city of Indianapolis and relish any opportunity to offer junk removal to home and business owners in the local area.  After we assist you in reclaiming your space, we hope you can sit back and relax while you appreciate your newly improved, clutter-free areas. 

Removing general debris and other types of waste from a property can permit space for other items to be stowed methodically. It's one measure that serves well for obtaining an effortless triumph for the day. So, if you suppose you are ready for junk disposal in Indianapolis, so are we! Indianapolis Junk Removal Raptors can't wait for the chance to serve you with an exceptional junk removal experience!

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